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Sunday, January 4, 2009

I have been trying to avoid blogging about a certain topic as I didn't want to give it airtime, but it's now doing my head in and I need to get it down so I can move on.

Some shit has gone down in my beloved CK thread the last few days. Normally it is a place where I can read about my friends' days and we can celebrate the achievements, buttkick when needed and try to help up people when they are feeling down.
We had a post from someone with incredibly strong views and opinions. Now, I don't blame her for defending herself, however, from past experience, interactions with this person are akin to slamming your head against a brick wall hard and often. I could see the potential for that happening in there, especially with some of the more vocal people in the group, myself included. She was asked to leave. Several times. Her blog that day was loosely based on what had happened, with a bit of tweaking for dramatic effect. I wanted badly to comment on it but, once again, the thought of that brick wall stopped me. Also the promise of more to come as she's not one to back down from what she sees is a fight.
The mood lightened the next day in the thread, I admit to being a part of some of the comments made about her. I even changed my avatar in the spirit. But unfortunately our "fun" little comments went on for a bit too long. Eventually one of her friends posted an "enough is enough" post that unfortunately started getting personal.
I must admit, the friend did have a point, it was an open thread and anyone could read it, I even cringed at one of the comments (I am a Harry Potter fan, it was below the belt!). It made me realise that I needed to stop being a part of it.

I was watching the fight going on between one of my friends and one of her friends. It was horrible. This isn't what I signed up for. It was not going to end well. I stepped in, asked them to stop, (for their own sakes as well as my own) and got a parting shot thrown at me for my trouble.

I feel very sad at the moment. Sad that I actively took part in all this, sad that members of the thread I have been a part of for over a year are so angry and hurt by what one person and their friend has to say. Sad that I let it get to me.

But I'm also angry that people who are working towards the same goal- to feel comfortable in their skin- are at each other like lions. I don't want to be around that. I have enough negativity in my own head. CK is supposed to be my positive, encouraging place. Hopefully now that there have been a few explosions, maybe now it will all settle down.

These people are real to me. I have met quite a few of the people I talk to regularly and regard them as my friends.

At the moment, it feels like I am back at school and the teachers are nowhere to be seen.

Time to take a couple of days off, I think. Get away from the madness.


  1. I went through a similar situation about a year ago and it ruined my whole experience and totally pulled out of everything and it was great for a while as I am like you and I have enough negative things in my life and don't need it from others as well.

    I am sure it will all turn out well.

  2. {{{{hugs}}}} I think I need a break until it all settles down too. It is sad that it keeps happening. Hopefully it's over now.

  3. Ness Hugs .. I think if we all ignore what has gone on things will be ok ..I love chatting with you all you are all like part of my family Berys One Day at a Time

  4. Hi Ness, I too watched from the sidelines. Best stay out of things like that, much as it is upsetting, they are all obviously going through their own problems. I've gotten involved in similar things and it only leads to people redirecting their anger at me! It made me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Try not to let it get to you, we have to focus on US, we are the important thing here. Luv Gwen :)