My Progress

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I had a huge blog typed up yesterday, but one of the girls apparently turned my computer off when I was at Aqua last night.

It's probably just as well. I was all worked up about the meeting I went to on Monday night. It was the administrative committee for the kindergarten. I realised at that meeting that I had made a mistake joining it. I was pretty worked up about it, more so because I didn't know if I had overstepped boundaries and asked too many questions. I wanted to make an informed decision about what was being proposed. If I have to ask that many questions every time we have to vote on something, it will just do my head in, plus make for very long meetings! I would not be a popular person. I've got 3 more years at this place.

I had a chat to another new member, who informed me I had asked all the right questions, and an associate of some of the existing members, who told me of some comments made about me, by the new president. I'm still trying to work out how I am going to make it an "interesting" year in the fundraising committee. Am I doing something that I am completely oblivious to? Am I really that annoying? Maybe I shouldn't ask that, I might not like the answer!!
I decided I am resigning from the administrative committee. I made that decision yesterday and I feel like a huge weight has lifted from me. Today I still feel good about that decision, so I know it's right. I'll be writing the letter in the next few days.

I'm still going to be on the fundraising committee and I have playgroup to coordinate, so it's not like I'll be on the couch eating bon bons (I love that image, but can we even get "bon bons" in Australia? Isn't that what we call Christmas Crackers? But I digress...)
I am so excited about playgroup this year! I have ideas and plans and thoughts and I really want to build the group up. I love everyone in the group, but we shrank last year and will again this year, (kids grow up and go off to school :-( ) unless we really get moving and promote ourselves.

I went to Aqua last night, I didn't get to Pump. I deliberately distracted myself with designing the playgroup flyers and when it got to 6:55 and Ididn't even have my runners on, let alone my bathers ready... Oops, I missed it tonight! I'll just go to Aqua. So lazy, but at least I got to one of my classes! I'm really happy with the flyers, though. :-)

Today I took the girls to get their hair cut. I took my neighbour with me too so she could go to the bank and pick up a few things. The girls love her so much, and she loves them too. She's their Nanna. And it makes her daughter and granddaughter sooooooo jealous! I really shouldn't be happy at their misery, but they use her and don't even check to see if she needs anything when they go shopping, let alone taking her with them. It's sad, they live across the road from her, yet can't even get the lawns mowed for her.

Ok, enough bitching.

I went to the gym on Monday and got a new workout routine. I just need to get there to do it. 3yo starts back at kinder next week, so I'll be able to get into a routine very soon.

And I need to eat properly. I'm still letting Amy win. My trainer at the gym has given me an eating plan to get me kick started. Now I just have to kick start myself and get moving.


  1. Sounds like the resignation is a good idea. You don't need the added stress.

    Amy, meet Hannah. :o) Hannah is my inner brat and she is winning right now as well. I thought if I introduced them they would go off and play together and leave us alone! :o) Worth a try anyway...

  2. Yeah you Ness ...I hate those comittes that they just expect everyone to agree with what is voted on ..and if they do not like your input then you are doing the right thing ,,better that then being upset all the time

  3. I used to love Playgroup when my two eldest were littluns! I volunteered to be the Zone Coordinator, we used to go to Playgroups nearly every day of the year! I remember one very embarrassing Son has ADD and he was having physio, the physio told me to hang him upside down by the ankles and pretend to drop him so he would learn how to protect himself, he had to fear or pain you see. But guess what? I was visiting a playgroup one day and accidentally dropped him too far and "clonk" his head banged on the wooden floor of the hall! He just giggled! But HOW EMBARRASSMENT!!! Have fun Ness... some of those committees are HORRENDOUS. You should read Queen Bee Mums one day....