My Progress

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ok, I started this plan on Sunday and I'm following Frank's recommendations. When I've logged my food it's come to around 1400 calories. With exercise I was lucky to break 1000. On this information I figure I don't have to worry about counting calories, because even in the fluctuations of chicken fillet size, or amount of veggies I eat, I'm not going to break 2000. If I have something that's not on the plan, it's not going to be the end of the world, as long as it's small and not all day.

I am really focusing on getting veggies and salad into lunch and dinner. The snacks still need work, particularly morning tea, but I'm not breaking out, so I'll get there.

It's been over 40 degrees here (over 110 farenheit) since Wednesday and even the start of the week was hot. I haven't done a skerrick of exercise Since Tuesday night when I went out for an hour and a half to deliver playgroup flyers. I'm not too stressed cos I walked for an hour on Monday morning, then rode for an hour in the evening. Tuesday morning I walked for an hour as well. I just happened to get most of my exercise in early in the week. Hopefully I can get to the gym on Sunday and that will give me 5 hours for the week.

I still have to finish delivering the flyers. Hopefully this heatwave will break soon and I can go out in the evening to get the last ones done. It's not time sensitive, but I just hate not being able to finish the job at the moment.

I was naughty last night, and I paid for it. I had chocolate pudding and icecream for dessert last night. It was rich and the serve was way too big. It made me sick later that night. I hate being sick. But it serves me right. My body is becoming a well oiled machine and it doesn't need that rubbish clogging the system!

It's still too hot. Yes, I've already said that, but when people on my facebook are complaining about the snow, I become a sook!!


  1. mmm, 42degs or having to shovel a metre of snow to get the car out of the driveway? ... personally i'ld take the snow (i think!). Interested to hear how you go on this plan of Franks.

  2. Hope the weather soon is kinder to you and the family ..and hope Franks plan works for you Berys

  3. I've been looking at the temps across Australia and we (Qld'ers) seem to be the lowest! That's a turnabout! I just hope it doesn't get to us. It's warm, but not sweltering, humid as per usual, but overall quite pleasant! Hubby just got back from Melb and he said one spot was 48, it was horrendous. Isn't the weather so weird of late? Hope you go well on Frank's plan, can you send me it or post it so I can see what he has in store for you? I'm always looking for new improved ways to better my diet :) Luv Gwen

  4. I heard this morning that Melbourne's heat wave has broken. I hope that's true and you are all feeling cooler over there. Well done on your food intake this last week. You are doing AWESONE!