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Friday, January 9, 2009

Today was busy. I took the girls to the library to for a school holiday program. They had a ball. Stories, singing and dancing, then some craft at the end. They love it!

We left there and went to meet some friends at McDonalds. Cranbourne West McDonalds has to have the least switched on crew of any I've seen. The way Mcdonalds works now, calling out the orders as they are finished is so trashy! It took almost as long to get our icecreams as it would have to get the burgers! They look disorganised.

Anyway, despite that, the kids had fun there too. I got to sit and chat, in between the kids coming out of the play area to complain that this kid did this and that kid did that. Usual kid stuff.

We came home to find Ken unwell. Despite this, he managed to lay the concrete with his mate for the new puppy palace! I'm happy, I'll have my laundry back soon! No more dog beds to trip over and no more of the stuff that comes out of or off of them all through it either!

His mate left and Ken went to bed. I couldn't be bothered cooking tea, so we went to Cranbourne to go shopping for Ken's birthday present! 3yo was adamant that she wanted to get her Dad a Hannah Montana CD. I don't know if it's really something he wants, but we bought him a DVD, so maybe the whole family can enjoy it!
3yo has such a strong personality. I love that she is so sure of herself, so confident!

I also bought the girls some new clothes. 2yo is tall, but lean, so every thing fits, but looks too short. 3yo is tall, but thicker, so she needs bigger clothes for the width, but everything is too long for her. I can't win. But I found a few pieces that look good on them. It all depends on the cut.

So, we got home around 8pm. The girls didn't get to bed until about 9pm. God, I hope they sleep in in the morning!!

Speaking of sleep, a few minutes and I'm there too.


  1. Hope Ken likes his pressie. Hehehehehe... And I hope you got a sleep in this morning.

  2. Hope you got your sleep in Ness ..and hope Ken has a great Birthday hubby is 71years old on the Monday oh I am married to an old Man LOL.

  3. Hi ness

    sounds like you have a good holidays. Hope you got a sleep in